Why The Philippines

So you are probably thinking  why would I choose The Philippines some of the other well known countries for outsourcing such as-

  • India
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Pakistan
  • Eastern European counties

Well in our somewhat bias opinion we think The Philippines is 100% the BEST place to get any online work done at the best rate. We have been working with virtual assistants from The Philippines for over 5 years and we have had so many great staff we really cant imagine where kaizenify would be today without all the amazing staff to support us all this time. Here are the top reason why you would want to outsource to The Philippines over any other country.

  • Filipinos can easily specialize on any tasks online. You can have access to every single skill you may need from technical to data entry positions
  • The Philippines really values education very highly and almost every VA will have studies at university or college for at least 2 years. Not only that but they are always wanting and willing to learn more and become better for you and your business
  • The Philippines culture is very close to what you would expect in a western country. Heavily related to the USA and very influenced by the USA The Filipinos understand westerners better than most other Asian countries. This is so important when looking to build relationships with your virtual assistant.
  • English is heavily spoken all over the country and is very heavily integrated into the culture. You can expect your virtual assistant to be able to hold a very decent conversation so you can talk business with your VA no problem
  • Filipinos can work from home and usually have reliable internet and a good work space.
  • Filipinos are extremely hard working and always willing to please their employers. They are very job focused and understand what you need and expect.
  • As a remote staff finding company we have hired and worked with hundreds of virtual assistants all of which have been humble, skillful,  friendly and hardworking so you can expect us to find you a VA of the same high quality.


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